Saturday, February 8, 2014

Course Details Offered By Palle Technologies

Topics & Details

C Programming Language Basics and Compilation
● C# Language Basics , How compilation happens in .Net
● About Visual studio ,Basic programming elements ,Operators, Data Types, Stack, Heap, Class and Object. Heap and Objects. Methods, Fields Variables. Scope of Variables.  Value types and reference types,boxing and unboxing
● Arrays, Strings, String Builder,verbatian string. For,For-each,Switch.  Method returns types with arrays and objects. Different access modifiers.
● Encapsulation, Abstraction,Inheritance,Polymorphism. Constructors and Object creation and Calling methods. Constructors calling sequence. Types of Classes. Static . Sealed. Abstract . Instance Partial Class. Nested class  Over loading  Default access modifiers for classes ,namespace and struct.  Overriding  method hiding using new.  structs,enums,this key word.Pass by value and pass by ref,ref,out.  private and static constructors.
● Interfaces  When to use abstract class and interface Properties and Indexers Exception handling.Custom exceptions.  Delegates and Events.Name space aliasing.  Nullable Types  Visual studio Basics  How to work in IDE  Compilation , Running, Watch and Quick watch  attaching to process VS shortcuts like code refactoring etc... 

Types of .net applications. 


● Architecture of .net framework , PE files and Assemblies, Manifest, Metadata. , CLR, CLS, CTS. Using ILDASM and NGEN.exe   Private and shared assemblies.dll hell problem.  SN utility and strong naming and Delay signing   Garbage Collection Basics, Generations.Un managed resources.   Destructors,Finalize and Idisposable Inteface.Destructor execution order in inheritance. 
● Collection classes and generics.Which collection to choose.  Iterators  Attributes   Reflections.  use of pdb files


How your Gmail or Yahoo mail works  
● Client and server mechanism , Interaction between computers ,IIS and virtual directory.  HTML Basics writing simple pages and execution   Redirecting user to another page and round trips   Page Life cycle   application life cycle   validating data on client and server   JavaScript Master pages, themes and skins.   State Management techniques  View state  Cookies  Session  Application Control state and profiles properties   Error handling in  Tracing  Basic controls, user controls and custom controls. Web parts   Data controls and   LINQ  Config files and Global. asax 
● Security.Roles.Authentication and Authorization, Membership providers.   Caching   Authentication and Authorization.  RoleBased Security. New 4.0 techniques.  AJAX XML  WebServices using XML
● Assignments.
● References.

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